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    Default Pettiskirt Co-op OPEN

    We are all set to go with the pettiskirt co-op!

    The co-op is open as of TODAY (September 14, 2012) and will be closing on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, at 8pm. I will accept payments once the co-op closes and ALL payment will be due by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2012. The order will go in Saturday, October 6 for everyone who has paid at that point.

    Discounts will be based on total sales, so cannot be calculated for sure until our order is finalized.

    Sales of $100-199 = 10% off
    Sales of $200-399 = 20% off
    Sales of $400-699 = 37.5% off
    Sales of $700-1199 = 40% off
    Sales of $1200+ = 43% off

    Please spread the word as the bigger the order, the bigger the discount!

    Additional charges are as follows:
    1. Prices are in USD, so exchange rates will be added once the order is placed and will be due at pickup. If OUR dollar is doing better than the USD at the time of purchase then the savings will be deducted from the customs/taxes or refunded if we are super lucky. It fluctuates. Today, for example, $25USD are equal to $25CDN, yay!
    2. Shipping is FREE.
    3. Customs and taxes are unknown right now, but last year there was none. If there are fees this year, it'll be split proportionate to your order and will be due at pickup.
    4. Payments can be paid by EMT, PayPal (I am not a business, you pay the fee) or cash.

    Pick up will be in St. Agatha or I will meet you somewhere in KW. Items will be delivered from London to me, and I will distribute to you guys.

    Please place your order like this:

    Item Number

    Age 5-6

    ****PLEASE quote and repost if you want to change or add to your order, DO NOT EDIT YOUR POST. ***
    mama to j

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    The co-op is closing tonight! Last chance to get in on the order.

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