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    Default Party Planner Question

    I have a question, need advice for my daughter, who is starting up a party planning business for chilrens parties. She is a teacher and has a passion for party planning.
    What do you think a reasonable cost would be for a party planner? She would do absolutely everything from creating a theme, to planning, to creating the invities, purchasing items (with parents budget) and would help out the day of the event (for an extra cost, if parents request).

    She has done some research but not found many people doing what she is doing. More wedding, large event planners.

    She is wanting to know, what would you realistically pay for this service. She doesnt want to charge too much or too little and wants to charge a flat rate.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated by her!
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    Decoration of all the thing in party make it to much attractive so this is most important part of the any function .

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