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    Default Free to Air TV Antenna

    Does anyone in the Kitchener/Waterloo area have an HD Free to Air TV Antenna?

    We despise Rogers and are looking for alternatives. We've found some, but they don't include sports. We were hoping to use a free to air hd antenna, but the guy at the store said there wasn't great reception here. We're not sure if that is true since he immediately tried to sell us Bell Satellite.

    Or do you have any alternative other than Rogers or Bell?

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    we use apple TV but I've never looked to see what kind of sporting events can be rented or purchased on it as we're not sports watchers. It's 99.00 for the gadget and then you just rent or buy the shows/movies you want when you want. Works great but I know some people have a distaste for apple. Might be worth looking into though?
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