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    Default What is the Best vacuum cleaner you can buy

    What is the best vacuum you can buy from walmart? or from a different place...
    I am not looking for something cheap because I know you always get what you pay for. I did some searching and seen something call shark vac. It had a few reviews but I was not certain if it is generally a really good vacuum. Anyone have any suggestions? I want something with strong suction that will clean on both carpet and hard floors with ease I'm willing to pay up to 200 for one.

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    There have a lot of stick vacuum but all of them Shark seems better to me. These Shark HZ2002 stick vaccum are well-designed to ensure that no corner of your home is left unclean. It has it's own issues such as battery life, charge time, and battery longevity (they stop holding a charge after a while)

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