This tutorial will also help you to access the local area network from computers, laptops, etc., that are not connected to your home WiFi or small office Wifi by configuring it as an Access Point (AP). If you want more detailed information on how wireless networks work read this article. You can also refer to this for troubleshooting of common issues related to Wireless Networks e.g.: How do I check if my computer is set up correctly for sharing files over my LAN? Network Connection dropped after wakeup - what should I do? | Windows Central Airplane Mode turned On Automatically - Why and How To Fix It You can test your Internet connection speed using Speedtest App available in Google play store, Apple app store, Microsoft store, etc. You can also check if your computer is connected to the network or not by typing “ipconfig” in cmd (command prompt). If you want to access the home network from outside your house, e.g., at work or college read this article on how to set up an OpenVPN server for Windows and connect using an Android phone/tablet.