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    Default How to Resolve QuickBooks Error c 387?

    You may face C 387 QuickBooks error when the registry entry is corrupted or there is some issue with the invoice template. In addition, you may also get QuickBooks Error c 387 when you are not able to run QuickBooks traditional operations by any program.
    In this blog, we are going to discuss all the probable Causes and solutions to resolve c 387 QuickBooks error.
    What leads to QuickBooks Error c 387
    Due to malfunction in your system, you may get QuickBooks Error c 387 that may include the following causes:
    If the Software package is not installed properly due to which the invalid entries have been left in the Windows written account.
    When you failed to access QuickBooks traditional operations by an application part.
    If the system file has been deleted accidentally.

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    Solution 1: Create Invoice
    Creating Invoice in QuickBooks is the first solution to overcome C 387 QuickBooks Error

    In the beginning, you need to go to Customers option and then you have to choose Create Invoices
    After that, you have to choose a template
    Then you need to add a Customer, Item and Amount information.
    Afterwards, you have to click the save button.
    You need to press the delete button.
    Finally, you have to press OK option.
    If the First solution doesn’t work for you, then you can opt for second solution. The second solution suggests you to download the repair tool.

    Solution 2: Download the Repair Tool
    Repair Tool helps in resolving the installation issues on your computer system.

    To start with, you have to download the repair tool on your machine. You can download the repair tool machine from the manufacturer’s website.

    Then after downloading the repair tool, you need to double press on the installation process.
    Afterwards, press ‘Start Scan’ for scanning your Personal Computer for fixing the error.
    If you have got the error, then you need to press ‘Next’ and then ‘Repair Now’ option for repairing the problem.
    In the end, you need to reboot your system.

    Solution 3: Troubleshoot the Template Error
    Initially, you have to go to Lists, Templates option, if the template option is inactive.
    Then, you can choose a template and press on the option Open Forum.
    You will repeat the steps which are mentioned above, until the template is showing an error. With this, you need to close the forum.
    Now, you need to choose the template with the error which is in the Templates Windows.
    Finally, you have to edit the templates, to check that the error has been fixed completely.
    Solution 4: Download Reimage Tool
    Reimage tool boosts the performance as well as the speed of your PC.

    You can perform the download Reimage Tool on your PC solution, if the previous solutions fail to fix the error.

    At first, you need to download the Reimage Tool from the manufacturer website. You need to save the file on your Desktop to access the file later on.
    After the downloading process, you need to navigate to the file location and then click twice on the same.
    The installation process will begin on your system. With this, you need to select “yes” to continue.
    You will see a welcome screen on your PC, during the launch of the program.
    You need to uncheck the checkbox. This will begin an automatic scan on your PC. Press Install to begin the installation procedure.
    Now, automatically the Reimage tool will install on your machine.
    The tool will download important updates on your system.
    After this, a preliminary scan will begin on your system to determine the condition of the computer.
    Soon after the completion of scanning, Reimage will tell you the areas where your PC is damaged.
    If there is some repair requirement, you need to press on the Start Repair
    Finally, you have to restart your computer.

    Hope this help.

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