The quiet seclusion of the prolonged hermitage gave you access to some special and highly effective discovery. The precise nature of the revelation is contingent upon the character of your own seclusion. It might be a website that nobody else has ever noticed. You may have discovered a truth that has been forgotten, or discovered some relic of yesteryear that may rewrite history. It may be information that could be detrimental to the men and women who consigned one to exile, and therefore the main reason for the return .Work with your DM to find out the particulars of your discovery and its effect on the effort.Suggested Characteristics Whether they adopt privacy or lengthy to escape , the lone life shapes their ideals and attitudes. Some are driven slightly mad with their years apart from society.This hermit background presumes a contemplative type of seclusion which allows space for prayer and study.
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If you would like to play with a rocky wilderness recluse who lives off the land whilst shunning the company of different folks, consider the Outlander background. On the flip side, if you'd like to go into a more spiritual management, the Acolyte could be exactly what you're searching for. Or you may also be a Charlatan, posing as a wise and sacred person and allowing pious fools support you.