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    Default How to Enter Expenses in QuickBooks?

    Whenever an accountant hears about accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses, QuickBooks is the accounting program that comes into his or her mind. Since its launch by the Intuit, this wonderful financial application has dominated the accounting programs marketplace.
    QuickBooks allows its users to easily record expenses. For QuickBooks, anything that you purchase by giving payment online, or by using a debit card, credit card or bank transfer, is considered as an expense. If you are looking for how to enter expenses in QuickBooks , you have to follow a specific procedure. You will find that entering expenses in QuickBooks is not a difficult task.

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    Read step-by-step instructions

    Open Expenses.

    Choose a Payee.

    You can click Details to add more information or Save and do it later.

    Choose an Account.

    Enter the Date.

    Enter Payment Method.

    Choose a Category.

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