Some Advantages Of Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators :

- These elevators are easy to install, operate and maintain than the other traditional types of elevators. This accounts for its biggest advantage.

- Aesthetically speaking these elevators are very sleek looking and super attractive making them blend in easily with any home or facility. They are low maintenance devices literally having zero energy consumption during its descent.

- Safety is another area where pneumatic elevators scores above the other traditional types of elevators. The simple principles and laws of physics that are used to design it make it almost impossible to undergo a freefall or get stuck between floors.

- It would not be wrong to say that a pneumatic elevator simply cannot fall thereby making it the safest elevator to install and use. Even during a power failure, the elevator automatically descends to the ground floor as it requires no power for descent.

- These elevators are also environment friendly as it leaves behind minimal carbon footprints.