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    Default Breastfeeding in public rant goes viral

    Thought I would post this for those who haven't had their Facebook inundated with it.

    I guess I have been lucky to not have any issues feeding in public, but then again I usually use a nursing cover.

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    I don't understand where she's coming from as I never had any issues breastfeeding in public. I did use a receiving blanket to cover up most of the time.

    Maybe it's different in different places?

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    I also have yet to encounter any negativity while breastfeeding, but I do use a nursing cover most of the time.
    The only time I have ever fed her in a washroom was at the Rogers cente. The blue jays website said there was a nursing room and I expected a nice big room, with couches and nursing pillows and maybe even a TV so I could watch the game while I fed her. Silly me! Instead it was a dirty family washroom with one dingy little bench. How crappy!
    Oddly, I have felt ashamed of feeding her in public only when giving her formula. I basically feel I have to announce loudly that I have to supplement with formula because my supply is low. Ridiculous, moms should be less hard on themselves and each other. Except the mom who smacked her little girl in front of me at the zoo on the weekend. I judged the crap out of her and she deserved it!

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