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    Is anyone going to the POMBA sale tomorrow? It will be my first time and I hear it is insane. How early do you need to arrive? My husband is talking about arriving at seven to wait in line because we want a stroller. It doesn't start until 9!

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    I'm thinking about it. I have to see if there is anything
    I really need
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    I'm tempted but we are moving in 2 weeks and don't want to take more then we need too. I'll join the parents of muiltipies where we are moving and go to that sale.

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    I'm excited for tomorrow's event. It will be my first time and I've heard it is insane! How early should we arrive? My husband is talking about best resume writing service reviews there at seven to wait in line because he wants a stroller, but the sale doesn't start until 9.

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