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    My spouse is a member of a message board that used to get a lot of spam and what the mods did there was add one of those captcha fields when people sign up as new members. Maybe that would work? I can't remember if this board was set up that way when I signed up. It is so frustrating, and I can't imagine it is even successful for the spam bots. Would the gobbledygook above make you shop Gucci? Argh!

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    I'm so frustrated with all the spam. Now wonder no one is coming here. I can't even find new posts from real people that I recognized. I loved using this forum to chat with people and keep up with them and their lives but now it's all just Spam and most people have disappeared. There's got to be something the people running the board can do. Mods deleted the posts is not a good solution, why not close the site to new people for a while like people above suggested. Or have the mods approve people to go on the site (they must "state their case" for joining)?

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    I'm new here and was excited to find this board. But I can't find any threads with all the spam. Even ones I do find are years old because spam bots are posting on old threads.

    I, too, hope there's a way to get rid of it and salvage these boards. I'd love to be able to get to know the ladies here and can't as it is today.
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    I don't know what to tell you guys - The spam problem is much bigger than you see. There are steps in place to limit registration, putting threads on moderation etc. You don't even see 1% of what is being posted because it is caught in moderation. Unfortunately we were able to keep on top of the moderated posts for a time, but the increase in the volume has made it impossible. Me seeing this thread was a fluke, because usually all I can see is a ton of moderated posts. I don't have an answer for you, Leslie doesn't have an answer for you. It sucks...
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    I am starting to lose hope. Thankfully I have joined a facebook mom group to keep sane lol
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