I've debated this in the past too but after going a few times with friends who have memberships I decided against it. For most things I found the prices weren't so great. Everything comes in super big size so it seems like a good deal for a large quantity at first but when you break down the pricing per item or for normal sized equivalents I could get it cheaper on sale elsewhere. And, not having a huge famliy to buy for, the large quantities were actually a drawback for me...like do I really need 48 cans of Tuna at once and where the heck would I store it all! LOL! I also found that no matter what day or time you go to that store...it's crazy busy and I just found it stressful to be honest! The parking lot is a zoo and inside the store you've got tons of people with massively oversized shopping carts trying to manouver around all the other people with their oversized carts who keep stopping for the free food samples at the end of every other aisle and they all seem in a hurry! Not that I go to the grocery store to relax but at least I can walk through Zehrs mid-week for some milk and bread without my bloodpressure going up! And, I made the mistake of bringing along my 4 yr old who won't sit in a cart to Costco once and she almost got ran over at least 3 times while we were there. All that said, I did notice some good "one time" deals on things like clothes, coats, bathing suits etc.. but no changerooms to try stuff on which means a trip back if it doesn't fit right. And books and seasonal items seemed to offer good value too but mostly were impulse buys rather than stuff I needed anyway. So for me, paying for a membership to shop there was a definate no but there are lots of die hard Costco lovers out there so maybe try it out first if you can find someone with a membership who will bring you in as a guest. (Just be sure to bring cash or debit though because they won't allow the guest to pay with credit card).