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  1. LOL I will likely just watch it once its released than. Since I have no clue about history and stuff I would be screwed lol!!!! What an odd sort of movie for Owen Wilson to be in :P
    Thanks sooo much for the heads up
  2. Meghan! Midnight in Paris was CRAZYYYYYYYY, what a wacky, wacky movie. It was good but had some downfalls. It was very long, (in my opinion could have been cut down to HALF!) and if you were not a English major in University, or a history buff, you would NOT get it at all. It's sophisticated and delves into the past(1920s & 1890s) and talks about all the famous writers and artists from that time. I think a lot of people in the theatre didnt get it. It was very witty. Rachel McAdams played a BITCHHHHH, which I lovedddddddd! Her fashion in the movie was UNREAL, so gorgeous, and her hair was fantastic. SO blonde and fab! Also- shes dating Michael Sheen now, and they met while filming this! Anywho, go & see it if you have a lot of knowledge of English Literature, History. I'm lucky my major in Uni was Eng Lit hahaha xoxo
  3. Sounds good We will be there as long as it doesnt rain
  4. Thats a great idea- im on fb much more than here probably. We'll talk on Wednesday & set something up. xo
  5. Sounds Great Feel free to add me to FB if you want (i am on here a lot but sometimes forget to check the message area)
  6. Aweeeee well then im excited to see you on Wednesday! Would you be interested in going to the mall with me sometime? We could do lunch in the foodcourt with the babes? xo
  7. LOL Glad that it was you!!! I didnt want to come off as creepy. I am dieing to see Something Borrowed so there is a very good chance that we will be there No problem about me posting...however I didnt get any leads haha. I did let another mom know that added me in another group though and she seemed very interested!
  8. OMG so I hadnt checked my messages before I wrote this and it looks like you messaged me first HAHAHAHAH! Looks like we recognized each other! Not so creepy of me anymore than HAHAHAH xo
  9. Hey Meghan! Totally creepy I know- but I just joined this forum and I recognize you! I'm the girl behind the table at Movies for Mommies! I saw the post you wrote about Movies for Mommies and I just wanted to say how happy I am that you enjoy it- thats what we try to achieve! Moms should be able to see a movie with their baby and not feel guilty or ashamed that baby is crying! Callie is SO beautiful and SUCH a happy girl! You two are one of my fave mom&baby couples! Hopefully i'll see you this upcoming week! Were showing "Something Borrowed" with Kate Hudson, its supposed to be REALLY cute! xo PS- lovelovelove the picture of Cali with her pink hat! SO adorable! <3
  10. Sorry if you are just a look alike but are you the Movies for Mommies lady??? If so, I am Meghan (Callies Mom) who has been a couple of times
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