View Full Version : Disastrous start at new school (4th grade)

05-03-2017, 09:54 PM
We are new to the area (within the past two months) and also just relocated from the U.S. in August. I grew up here but my husband and daughter are newbies. Unfortunately, my daughter had to attend a school from September through March break and then had to switch again after March break once we were finally settled in Waterloo. The past 6 weeks dealing with her boundary school have been a disaster and we finally pulled her out and sent her back to the other school for the rest of the school year. She is absolutely happy now and having no problems vs. the complete school-refusal we ended up with before making the switch. So, we feel we have no choice but to look for other options for September and 5th grade. At this point she is saying she will never go back to her boundary school and, honestly, I don't blame her.

Does anyone have any experience with boundary exception requests? Any feelings about the private options in the area? The boundary school is a french immersion with one English class (hers) but the kids started French in 1st grade and she came from a school where the kids started in 4th grade (only one of the many problems we encountered). We cannot move to a new catchment area before September. Any advice???