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  1. Does anyone else provide care?
  2. Great Websites for Ideas
  3. Nanny's?
  4. CBC childcare report
  5. Child Care Recommendations
  6. Suggestions?
  7. Any ideas?
  8. Downtown Kitchener recommendations
  9. How many children?
  10. Are you a nanny or do you know a nanny?
  11. Before After School Care required
  12. Waterloo daycare suggestions
  13. Just starting out any advice???
  14. Childcare Available in Clemens Mill Area
  15. Daycare needed in Dickson school area.
  16. Daycare Quote Needed
  17. what would you charge?
  18. unique child care situation
  19. Charging Multiple Children
  20. quad stroller
  21. Need childcare provider that lives in Doon Mills Subdivision
  22. Daily fee for a friend?
  23. Childcare will be available in Feb 2010
  24. Babysitter Recommendations?
  25. Before and maybe after school care.
  26. Tiny Treasures Home Childcare, March 1st 2010
  27. rates and receipts
  28. Need childcare provider-Preston
  29. Anyone do childcare in the Fairview Area?
  30. advice
  31. starting home daycare books
  32. Need out, anyone have a good sitter?
  33. booster seats
  34. Day care centre or private at home day care?
  35. Before & After Care Rate?
  36. Doon area -Eme's Place
  37. Brason Academy montessori school
  38. looking for daycare guru
  39. Cambridge Before & After School Daycare Available - Sept. 2010
  40. insurance riders
  41. What is a reasonable pt rate?
  42. average rates across canada for Home/centres
  43. Cambridge Daycare avaliable
  44. Occasional Friday Childcare Provider Available in your house - interesting idea.
  45. Help - looking at day care already!??!
  46. Overnight care...
  47. Does anyone around Meadowlane school....
  48. Wee Watch - has anybody used this service?
  49. Child care Available
  50. Care in Doon or Brigadoon
  51. Introducing child to daycare
  52. Preschools
  53. Before and after school care available
  54. anyone need a DC provider in Forest Heights are
  55. how much?
  56. I need an "Emergency" Baby sitter
  57. Emergency Babysitter
  58. Looking for a child to join us for a few hours a week for fun!
  59. Commitment to Caring Conference! in London, just off the 401
  60. Looking for infant care in Hespeler area.
  61. Home Child care available in Preston area of Cambridge
  62. conestoga
  63. Drop in Rates?
  64. Childcare in Doon
  65. Stat Holidays
  66. Gifts for Daycare Parents
  67. Home daycare opening Feb 2011-Townline & 401 area
  68. Woodland Public school before and after hours care
  69. infant care
  70. Curriculum
  71. Child Care Available in Waterloo
  72. going rate?
  73. Is anyone a provider with Weewatch?
  74. anyone looking for a nanny?
  75. I'm looking for a triple stroller for my daycare
  76. infant care in KW
  77. Looking for an occasional Babysitter
  78. when to look?
  79. Home Daycare near Southridge School??????
  80. Nanny needs opinion
  81. What do I do...
  82. Home Child Care Schedule
  83. After School Care in September
  84. I'm looking for craft idea's for my daycare kids
  85. before school care
  86. Income tax question
  87. Any Conestoga daycare moms out there!?!?
  88. Starting my search for Daycare
  89. starting a home daycare
  90. Mat leave for self employed
  91. Clemens Mills Daycare
  92. Any Fabulous Childcare Provider recommendations??
  93. Nanny
  94. Too Good To Be True?
  95. I may need a mother's helper?
  96. Looking for a DCP In Highland Cres Area or who picks up from MOnseignor gleason
  97. How much do you pay?
  98. Questions for Day Care Providers
  99. Hi there
  100. When should you find a Child Care Provider?
  101. Looking for childcare :(
  102. Daycare - July
  103. Did your SO help pick your provider?
  104. New Home Daycare Provider
  105. Grandparent daycare?
  106. Searching for a new PT DCP in my home UGH
  107. Question for all you daycare providers
  108. Looking for infant-toddler only daycare in Preston?
  109. opinion needed please
  110. Looking for a good evening/weekend sitter in Cambridge (North Galt)
  111. Going rate?
  112. stay away from St Elizabeth child care center!
  113. Anyone looking for a nanny?
  114. Anyone in need of daycare, doon/pioneer area?
  115. Child Care Needed Fairview Park Mall area
  116. question about receipts
  117. looking for a babysitter in Hespler
  118. Temporary Childcare in Kitchener/Waterloo?
  119. Anyone looking for childcare in the University Downs Area?
  120. Daycare in Elmira
  121. Early Morning Care Needed
  122. Anyone need Childcare near U of W?
  123. Child Care in Forest Heights Available
  124. Looking for childcare around St. Pauls (Forest Heights?)
  125. Anyone had a child in YWCA City Kids daycare?
  126. Looking for childcare in Baden
  127. Anyone else use babysitter/nanny for shift work?
  128. Looking for a nanny or evening weekend person...
  129. Help! need daycare near Blessed Sacrament school
  130. so fricking mad
  131. Questions to ask a potential DCP
  132. Weekend Daycare?
  133. Looking for Great Homecare in Doon Area
  134. Part time Care Needed
  135. Daughter has been accepted to French Immersion at WT Townsend, gr 1 need AM care...
  136. What would you charge?
  137. Childcare near JW Gerth needed
  138. Where to advertise
  139. Emergency/ Backup Summer Care
  140. Williamsburg Community Centre Preschool Camp
  141. I am moving my 18+ years of home daycare to kitchener
  142. Space available -forest heights
  143. before & afterschool care needed
  144. Williamsburg Community Centre Preschool
  145. How much on average do Nannies charge?
  146. After school care
  147. I need childcare in Breslau ON
  148. skup aut Wroclaw venipuncture
  149. windy Wroclaw animalisms
  150. projektanci wnetrz Warszawa
  151. rolety Wroclaw
  152. Standalone Companies Offer the Cheapest Loan Protection Quote fashion show v 1
  153. Childcare Needed In Doon Mills
  154. Current rates
  155. child care in Cambridge
  156. Child care in Doon / Pioneer Park