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  1. How many weeknight activities do you have your school age kids involved in?
  2. 9 going on 18...
  3. soccer clubs?
  4. places to go....????????
  5. Does your school require a Police check to volunteer in the classroom/feildtrip?
  6. role call for girl tweens
  7. Kitchener Soccer Club
  8. Scrappin Kidz Club (Kids Scrapbooking class)
  9. Do your kids play summer sports?
  10. 7 year old that won't listen....
  11. playdates anyone?
  12. Sleep walking?
  13. Connor got invited...
  14. Jk/sk
  15. Have you seen...
  16. Help me make a costume!
  17. Homework
  18. have the 'Talk' with your daughter....
  19. Looking for after school care in hespeler
  20. ideas for teacher's presents
  21. tampon use
  22. Washing pillows / Night time training
  23. St. John's-Kilmarnock
  24. Opinion about these Balanced Day Lunch Bags?
  25. Anyone with an older child at Westvale PS?
  26. Horse Riding Lessons
  27. First day of school bullies
  28. 11th birthday cake!
  29. My daughter
  30. Anyone deal with separation anxiety and suggestions on how to handle
  31. whose children are sick
  32. St Noel Chabanel School hours?
  33. would seriously like your opinion on this
  34. Babysitter Courses
  35. i can't believe i'm asking this...
  36. summer horse camp
  37. I just realised...
  38. March Break
  39. Starting to panic a little bit
  40. Birthday Party Madness
  41. paper route
  42. Personal add for my son
  43. School Recommendations Pls
  44. Smithson Public Schooll
  45. Whats needed for Grade 1?
  46. Any all boys clubs?
  47. Containers for Lunches
  48. Rain Coats
  49. Anyone have experience with ROW?
  50. Nervous about Grade 1
  51. It's a longshot but...
  52. please help my daughter
  53. Back to school shopping......
  54. Birthday gift for 6yo boy
  55. What do you pack for lunch?
  56. Wwyd
  57. Paisley Road vs. Victory PS in Guelph (FI)
  58. Fundraising Ideas for Elementary School
  59. Pre-Teen Angst
  60. Expectations of a Kindergarten teacher
  61. Gifts for Teachers
  62. Amount of homework in grade 1
  63. Need your recommendations on P.S. in Cambridge and K-W, please
  64. Wwyd?
  65. Boots, hats, mitts.....ahh!
  66. mini rant about ds' teacher
  67. Best Facility for Swim Lesson?
  68. Catholic School board and French language
  69. Moving to Kitchener-need help on school
  70. First Phone Call From the Teacher :-(
  71. Summer Camps
  72. Walking home from school by themselves
  73. ds wants a job, lol...
  74. The school called...
  75. Howard Robertson Public School
  76. surely its not possible?
  77. March Break
  78. Pioneer Park P.S.
  79. The Goodbyn Bynto kit
  80. Franklin PS
  81. How to dress them
  82. French Immersion at Ryerson
  83. She's in French Immersion!
  84. Try Guiding for FREE in April/May/June
  85. 8 year old attitude..
  86. Anyone Kids Attend KW Bilingual?
  87. please help me and my daughter
  88. Looking for a little advice...
  89. Coupon Sheets for sale Fundraiser
  90. Leg Cramps/Growing Pains *Update*
  91. Am I a horrible mom?
  92. Enough is Enough..
  93. School celebrations
  94. That period thing
  95. Change your Beliefs for a school?
  96. Gah!
  97. End of year gift
  98. Summer Bedtime
  99. Birthday Party Idea for a 9 year old girl
  100. What grade in September?
  101. Back-to-school shopping??
  102. Back to School blog
  103. sparks?
  104. shopping list for grade 1 french immersion..
  105. can someone explain the point...
  106. Bummed about kids teachers...
  107. Split Classes
  108. What are you packing in the kids lunches?
  109. 10yr old girl pees bed and keeps room like dumpster
  110. Seriously, am I that weird?
  111. Portables
  112. Ds has a test tomorrow
  113. Free eyeglasses
  114. ugh - school fundraising
  115. Homework
  116. Horrible Behaviour at School
  117. Public School Board
  118. School Safety
  119. Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year old Boy (Co-ed Party)
  120. slim booster seat?
  121. St. Margaret Cambridge??
  122. Social dynamics for 5th & 6th grade girls
  123. French tutor and self-teaching programs
  124. Birthday party and twin friends
  125. Music artists on YTV channel
  126. At what age...
  127. Frustration
  128. Summer Camps Question (Ki-Wa-Y)
  129. march break camps
  130. Summer activities
  131. Hunger Games
  132. Football Pants
  133. Math video
  134. Summer Day Camps 2012
  135. Book Suggestions
  136. Getting into Catholic school.
  137. Swimming Lesson Program
  138. Dance lessons in Cambridge?
  139. So...how was the first day?
  140. Birthday Party - Homer Watson House Galleries
  141. Ahhh... Scariest 40 minutes!
  142. Hockey
  143. child walker
  144. Forbidding Friendships
  145. Has anyone heard of or had experience with J'N'L Reptile Rescue (Bdays)?
  146. Cursive Writing
  147. Advice needed again
  148. Michaels Birthday Party
  149. Halloween Parties
  150. One Day Strike
  151. help with childcare tuesday
  152. healthy school snack
  153. Public Elementary Teachers to Stage One-Day Protest This Friday
  154. Entertaining a 10 year old
  155. Cell Phones
  156. Report cards?
  157. How to help a very resistant 5 year old to start school
  158. Snow Day
  159. JK Registration
  160. michael kors outlet online After all 3743wVxnixW7697
  161. Wen Jiabao Meets with Swedish
  162. Is there an arts-focused PS in the region?
  163. How do you feel about 12 yo's seeing each other (boy/girl)?
  164. Morning routine at school
  165. School Feedback
  166. How to Defeat Shadow Nightmare Boss in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
  167. Who has the most Hermes bags in the world?
  168. Who owns a Birkin bag?
  169. Who has the most Hermes bag collection?
  170. Is Hermes better than Louis Vuitton?
  171. How do you polish a Hermes bracelet?
  172. Kelly Pochette and Kelly Cut
  173. best bag blog for you
  174. Which brings us to one of our tPF members
  175. How to Choose an Investment Piece
  176. There have been three versions of the bag
  177. The Hermès Birkin is the most iconic and sought-after handbag in the world
  178. Hermès acolytes refer to it, is popular for several reasons
  179. The Entirety Of The Fashion Internet Has Been Talking About How To Buy A Birkin Latel